The magical world of Cal Mag

Since we are featuring Advanced Nutrients this month we figured we would ask Ben to delve deeper into a couple of common plant nutrients and products. Below you will find his take on Calcium Magnesium Products.

Cal-Mag is one of the most basic and important nutrients your plants use.

The plant uses Calcium for its structure, building cell walls. Think of Calcium like brick is used in a house, it is there to be sturdy and is the tough outer protection for your house. Calcium works for plants as the main building agent of the tissues of your plant. So, in similar fashion it builds cells in the plant.

Magnesium acts as gas does in an engine, it is the agent of energy. When a plant doesn’t have enough magnesium, think of a bunch of building equipment that needs gas to run. Without Magnesium, your plant may have the nutrition in the soil, but with no gas to use, it will not be able to be used by the plant. AKA the tools are then just for decoration. In your soil this leads to unused accessible nutrition, which can overload your soil creating a toxic environment for your roots. (this is also the reason most flushing agents are magnesium based or have a supply of magnesium in them.)

Signs of deficiency:

  1. Purpling soft stems. This is still arguable that this isn’t genetic in some gardens, while others think it is genial, meaning natural to that strain. I believe this may be true, but in most cases, it is the first sign of magnesium leaving the leaf tissue to be used in new cell production in a nearby area of the plant. This is a symptom, when it happens at the top first. (Magnesium)
  2. Next copper spots will form in the nearby leaf, leading to an up curling brown crunchy leaf. This commonly happens in week 4, 5, or 6. (calcium)
  3. If the leaves start to V, we call this praying for magnesium. Which is common, but rarer than the spotting (Magnesium)
  4. These lead to a crunchy finish for your leaves making extracts darker and, in some cases, usable as well as loss of end yield weights. I’ve seen this effect up to 1/3, or more of my end yield in cases left untreated.

Treating: If this is happening to you, all you have to do is increase your sensi Cal-Mag xtra. I often use a higher amount in veg, then if needed in high volume in bloom a reduction of my Micro, or part A is ok to achieve using more while avoiding nitrogen toxicity. This is notable when the top leaves start to turn dark green and “CLAW” that is my indicator to cut back on my other high nitrogen products to achieve getting the proper amount of Cal-Mag into the mix. This is a dance you may need to experiment with to fully understand but it is easier to do once you know what the toxicity looks like in your system.

Advanced Nutrients has the best answer to these problems, Sensi CAL-MAG Xtra. As the industries only pharmaceutically clean liquid Cal-Mag, our formula has calcium nitrate, Magnesium nitrate, Manganese, and has 20 L-type amino in the bottle. The Amino Acid we have acts like a moving company. Only in our bottle our moving company is package in hand and ready to run it to your house and unpack faster than the other companies. I like to say picture a moving truck backing up to your new house and instead of getting into the back of the truck to move your gear, they are already inside and as soon as you open the door they just run right in and unpack immediately. The other thing that separates us from our competitors, is that we put a source of manganese in the bottle as well. This is a micro nutrient that when missing often with display Cal-Mag deficient like symptoms. So, to take the guess work out of your garden we supply it in the same bottle.

To me though, the true selling point to Sensi Cal-Mag xtra, is it is the only pharmaceutically raw refined liquid Cal-Mag on the market. This means we have the only Cal-Mag clean of nickel, mercury, lead and cadmium. This is something to take in to account when shopping for a product we use in every watering, especially when using RO water.


Remember, you can keep a very clean garden but, in the end, your plants will only be as clean as what you feed them. Which is why I garden with Advanced Nutrients. (Pharmaceutically clean in every Advanced Nutrients product)


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