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Plant Soil & Grow Media

Plant Soil & Grow Media

Give your plants the foundation for great nutrition and hydration with indoor soil grow media from Indoor Gardens. Our selection of grow media includes everything from soil media mixes to rocks and perlite. We also carry soilless plant media to encourage plant growth in purely hydroponic systems. View all of the indoor soil grow media we have to offer today or head to our knowledge center to learn everything you need to start and maintain a successful indoor garden. 

Choose the Right Grow Media for Your Plants

If you're growing plants the traditional way with soil, pots and water, you need to choose the right grow media to encourage healthy development. Our plant soil mixes are made to support strong stem, leaf, flower and fruit growth in a variety of plants by providing plenty of nutrients and a solid foundation for roots. We only carry trusted, reliable brands that produce great results, like Black Gold, Hydro Organics and CANNA. Learn more about some of our most popular kinds of plant soil below.

Coco Mixes

Coco mix might sound like something you'd pour in your breakfast bowl, but the phrase is actually short for "coconut coir" or "coco coir." Coco mixes are made from the fibrous materials between the husks and inner shells of coconuts. This form of grow media is popular amongst growers transitioning from soil to hydroponic farming since it feels similar to plant soil but requires nutrient-enriched water to provide plants with the vitamins and minerals they need to thrive. We carry brands like Black Gold, CANNA and CYCO.

Rocks & Perlite

Whether you're using plant soil or soilless growing methods, rocks and perlite can provide an extra helping hand. Plant roots can anchor themselves firmly on rocks when they're added to a soil mix, and perlite gives fluffier grow media better drainage to prevent overwatering and root rot. Both are great for hydroponic growing. Check out our rocks and perlite from brands like GEOLITE, Gold Label and Mother Earth.

Soilless Grow Media

Soilless grow media are, quite simply, grow media without traditional plant soil. They're perfect for hydroponic growing because, when you buy from trusted brands, they can help improve the homogeneity and robustness of your plants, along with providing an ideal air and water balance to help them thrive. At Indoor Gardens, we carry soilless grow plugs from Grodan, Aurora Innovations and Hydrofarm, so you always have plenty of high-quality products to choose from for your indoor operation.