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Growing Environment Equipment & Accessories

Growing Environment Equipment & Accessories

When it comes to growing healthy plants in a controlled environment such as a greenhouse or grow tent, your equipment must be in pristine condition to keep your productivity high and your plants looking great. If you need new gear, you've come to the right place! At Indoor Gardens, our selection of growing environment equipment and accessories has everything you'll need to maintain an efficient grow space.

Types of Growing Environment Products Available at Indoor Gardens

Our goal is to help each customer produce superior-quality plants, so we stock only the best equipment to ensure that every grower is in complete control of their small or large-scale grow space. 

Are you looking for new ventilation or wall coverings? We have you covered. Check out some of the growing environment gear that we offer:

Environmental Controllers

From humidity to temperature, our selection of environmental controllers can help you set up the optimum condition for your grow space to achieve your desired results.


If your growing environment (especially if you're using a grow tent) isn't properly ventilated, your space will become too hot and humid, lacking the fresh air needed to successfully grow plants. To prevent your leafy green plants from turning brown and mushy or becoming susceptible to mildew or fungi, check out our inline or wall mount fans. 

Air Purification and Odor Control

You can find all the tools and accessories you need to keep the air in your growing environment pollution-free and safe for your plants at Indoor Gardens. We also carry an assortment of odor control products to keep your space free from any overwhelmingly unpleasant smells. Check out our UV, ozone and oxidizers collection, or purchase one of our intake, dust and HEPA filters. 

AC and Humidity Control

Humidity can tarnish the quality of your plants and cause them to rot after some time. If your growing environment is lacking solid AC or humidity control, purchase one of our high-quality dehumidifiers or humidifiers to keep your plants looking fresh. 

Enhance your growing environment with state-of-the-art equipment from Indoor Gardens!