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Hydroponic Plant Containers

Hydroponic Plant Containers

Having the right grow containers for your plants is an important part of creating a thriving indoor garden. Grow containers give plants and soil the proper amount of drainage and plenty of room to stretch their roots as they develop. Indoor Gardens carries a wide variety of fabric pots, plastic grow bags and other hydroponics containers to suit the needs of all your plants. Check out all of our grow containers and other hydroponic supplies today!

Fabric vs. Plastic Grow Containers

If you're new to indoor gardening, you might be wondering whether fabric or plastic grow containers are better for your plants. Plastic pots are great because of their sturdiness and ability to lock in moisture while still providing a good amount of drainage. However, they can also crowd the roots of your plants because of their rigidness. Fabric pots, on the other hand, are much more flexible and allow roots to grow comfortably — plus, they're biodegradable! Their main drawbacks are that they break down faster than a plastic pot and let moisture escape more easily, so you may have to water your plants more to keep them properly hydrated. Consider the benefits and drawbacks of both before deciding which is right for your plants!

What Are Plastic Grow Bags?

Plastic grow bags combine the best elements of fabric and plastic pots to become some of the best grow containers you can buy. Plastic grow bags are inexpensive, provide the optimal amount of drainage without leaking moisture too rapidly and give plant roots more flexibility to grow and seek nutrients. Just fill one with soil and it stands up all on its own!

The Best Grow Containers for Hydroponics

Hydroponics containers need to account for a grow setting where water and mineral solvents are used in place of soil for promoting plant growth. Net pots and cups provide plant roots plenty of drainage and room to grow. Fabric pots also allow great drainage and root aeration. And, plastic pots with saucers are great for starters — just be sure to transplant your plants once their roots reach the edges of the pot so their growth isn't restrained.