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Grow Light Parts & Accessories

Grow Light Parts & Accessories

Whether you're just getting your indoor garden up and running or you're a grower with years of experience, finding the right grow light accessories is essential. After all, without things like power & lamp cords, your plants would be out of luck. You'll find plenty of extension cords, sockets, surge protectors and more to suit your needs. Plus, you never know when something could go wrong — even the highest quality grow lights need replacement parts from time to time, along with your power sources themselves. Our selection of grow light accessories includes hardware assembly kits, power supplies, adaptors and tons of ways to replace what you need. Looking for ways to adjust your setup? Light hangers or light movers could do the trick. Find the accessories you need, including LED grow light parts, now at Indoor Gardens!

Grow Light Accessories Give You More Control

In addition to the changes you can physically make to your garden with light hangers and movers, other grow light accessories can provide a greater ability to adjust the light itself. For instance, mechanical or digital grow light timers let you automate your lights to ensure they change when you need them to. Similarly, grow light controllers allow you to maintain more than one light at a time. They provide safer operation of those lights as well, often including timers in conjunction with circuit breakers and high-power relays for a host of outlets. These are just a couple of examples of how grow light accessories can help you make the most of your garden.

Frequently Asked Questions about Grow Light Accessories

When deciding which grow light accessories and LED grow light parts they want to buy, our customers often have some questions. You can see answers to some of the most common below.

Why do I need a grow light timer?

For indoor gardening, it's vital to make sure your plants get the light they need so they can flourish. Proper lighting takes delicate timing, and grow light timers give you more control so your garden can successfully thrive. The exact timing will depend on the types of plants you're growing.

What are light controllers?

A light controller is a box that allows you to control multiple grow lights at one time. You can turn the lights on or off and set up other parameters depending on the controller's capabilities. Most grow light controllers are made to handle at least four grow lights, so they can take on a lot of power. This makes them ideal grow light accessories for large indoor gardens and greenhouses.

What are light movers?

A light mover allows you to move your grow lights around using a rail system, which sometimes includes a motor. This means that you can cover more areas with light, improving the efficiency and success of each individual grow light when compared to those that are stationary. Increasing the overall footprint of your garden is crucial if you're looking to expand.

What are grow light hangers?

Simply put, grow light hangers are a way to hang your lights. The height can be adjusted to ensure you always have your grow lights at the proper distance from your plants, which can change throughout the plants' life cycle. The system usually involves chains, ropes, hooks and lifters. Because of how effective they are, hangers are some of the best grow light accessories you can purchase.