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Environmental Grow Room Controllers

Environmental Grow Room Controllers

What Are Grow Room Controllers?

While gardening is a fun, rewarding hobby or profession for some people, there are many uncontrollable environmental factors that can have detrimental effects on crops. Because of this, more gardeners choose to grow their plants inside their homes or greenhouse. However, despite being sheltered from all types of weather conditions, these elements can still affect the growth of plants, potentially causing lesser or lower-quality yields. That's where environment control systems can help. With a grow room controller, you can set your space to a specific temperature or even adjust the humidity, meaning you are in more control of the production of your crops.

Order an Environment Control System and Accessories at Indoor Gardens

While gardeners have successfully handled unpredictable weather patterns and other environmental circumstances for many years, environmental controllers give growers that extra bit of confidence to manage their yields. We offer three types of grow room controllers with their own specific function — fan speed, temperature control and humidity control. But, if you want a multi-function grow room controller that can handle any combination of these tasks, you can order one of those as well. 

Fan Speed Grow Room Controllers

Along with water and light, plants within an indoor grow room need plenty of airflow or ventilation to avoid dry conditions that can deteriorate the quality of your crops. You can order a standard fan speed controller or a day/night controller for more precise air control. 

Grow Room Controllers for Temperature Control

Although fan speed controllers technically play a role in temperature control, these dedicated grow room controllers are either cooling thermostats or day/night thermostats that keep temperatures regulated without a fan. 

Grow Room Controllers for Humidity Control

We all know that excessive humidity can leave us feeling hot and uncomfortable, and plants are no exception to that sensation. To keep your plants safe from temps that could potentially reach well over 100 degrees with the humidity, check out our Titan Controls, Sentinel or other humidity controllers. 

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