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Hydroponic Seed Starter Plugs & Accessories

Hydroponic Seed Starter Plugs & Accessories


What Do You Need for Hydroponic Seed Starting?

If you're new to hydroponics, there's a whole lot to learn. From the seeds you use to the trays that will eventually house your full-grown plants, everything plays a significant role in producing healthy, bountiful crops. The first thing you should know, though, is what all you'll need to properly begin with hydroponic seed starting. When you begin this new hobby, you'll need to pick out some high-quality seeds of your choice, not regular seedlings that you would find in a store. The reason for this is seedlings may not grow well in a soilless medium, and you can't use soil in a hydroponic system. You will then have to choose hydroponic seed starter plugs or media to plant your seeds in. One of the most popular choices on the market is Root Riot Cubes which hold an optimal amount of water and air to help your seeds flourish. Once you've decided on your seeds and seed starter plugs, it's time to decide how many plants you want to grow and purchase one or multiple trays with your ideal cell count. You can order trays that range from 50 cells to 72 cells. After you've acquired all of these items, you're officially ready to plant some awesome crops.

The Importance of a Great Hydroponic Seed Starter Set

If you're still having trouble choosing your materials, you can purchase a hydroponic seed starter kit, such as the Cropking NFT Starter Kit, which gives you everything you need to lay the groundwork for your seeds. These sets work as excellent resources for showing newbies the ropes and helping them understand a little more about how hydroponics work. Typically, these starter kits will include a tray, fertilizer and seed starter plugs. However, because gardeners have their own set of preferences, these kits do not come with seeds.

If you're interested in starting the exciting hobby that is hydroponic seed starting, shop our selection or contact us today if you have any questions.