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Indoor Grow Tent

Indoor Grow Tent


Grow tents are ideal for any year-round indoor gardening endeavor, using a system of reflective inner liners, access ports and vents to create an optimal enclosed environment for your plants. Indoor Gardens is proud to offer a wide variety of grow tent kits from trusted brands like Gorilla Grow Tent and Royal Grow Rooms to get you started on your next indoor growing project. Select the perfect indoor garden tent for your needs or check out the rest of our grow tent parts and accessories today!

What are the Benefits of Indoor Grow Tents?

Grow tents are great because they create a healthy indoor environment for your plants that is easy to monitor and control. They're also highly portable, so relocating an indoor garden tent or breaking it down for storage is a cinch! In terms of indoor gardening arrays, grow tent kits are also quite affordable — perfect for a novice or intermediate grower who's not quite ready to take the plunge toward a full greenhouse.

Indoor Garden Tent Accessories

Grow tent kits already come with just about everything you need to get started on your indoor gardening project, but there are plenty of grow tent accessories available to help you stay organized. At Indoor Gardens, you can find gear boards and wire racks to keep all your gardening supplies, and the interior of your grow tent, organized. They're the perfect way to upgrade!

Grow Tent Sizes

Indoor Gardens has a great variety of sizes to choose from depending on your budget and the scale of your project. Our grow tents range from 2'x4'x5' all the way up to 5'x5'x6'11". The smaller the tent, the more affordable it is: our 2'x4'x5' options are usually under $300! View all of our grow tent kits to find the right fit for you.