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Published 09/27/2019

Growing a successful indoor garden can require time and patience. Ideally your garden should be maintained or adjusted daily. If that simply isn’t possible, here’s 3 things to check to make sure your garden stays healthy. 

Temperature and humidity

A good growing environment is the most important aspect of indoor gardening. Maintaining proper and consistent temperature and humidity helps to ensure that your plants are always performing their best. A high/low thermometer is also helpful because it can tell you the temperature when you are not around.  

Soil moisture / reservoir pH

Maintaining a proper watering schedule is important for good yields and healthy plants. It's important to check the moisture level in the containers to assure that the plants have enough time to dry between waterings. If plants stay totally saturated for too long, you can run the risk of unwanted pests and diseases. 

If you are growing hydroponically it is important to maintain pH so your plants are receiving proper nutrients. 

Signs of new growth

Tracking your plant’s growth is a great way to help prevent problems and keep your garden healthy. Plants generally grow at a steady rate when conditions are right. If your plants suddenly experience slower growth, it may be a sign that something is wrong. Watching for signs of irregular growth may also help to catch nutrient and environmental problems early. The sooner you correct whatever is wrong your plant can go back to growing steadily.