With over 35,000 square feet of retail space, Indoor Gardens is Ohio’s largest hydroponic superstore. Stop in to one of our 4 locations to check out our product displays, hydroponic systems, grow tent setups and see what’s growing in our on-site grow rooms. Each showroom is packed with industry leading products, giving you the ability to see them up close and out of the box before purchasing. Ask our staff for recommendations or troubleshooting advice, or let them customize your growing experience with a complete package. Our stores also feature pull-in garage doors making large orders a breeze

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From Grow Rooms to Greenhouses

Since our opening as a brick and mortar business in 1992 in Columbus, Ohio, Indoor Gardens has established ourselves as the leaders in indoor gardening. We feature the best selection of hydroponic systems, organic gardening supplies, grow lights, plant nutrients and supplements, grow room supplies, environmental controllers, grow tents and more! Our expert staff is available to answer questions and make recommendations, whether you’re shopping in-store or online.

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