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Cloning Machines for Plants

Cloning Machines for Plants


What is a Plant Cloning Machine?

A plant cloning machine is essentially a hydroponic system that can make the process of cloning wonderful crops completely effortless. Let's face it — hydroponics is fun, but if you're new to this hobby and still unfamiliar with what you're doing, a plant cloning machine can significantly help. Additionally, cloning machines can cut the process of hydroponics in half, which is a major selling point for growers who intend to produce many crops in a short period of time. These hydroponic machines are boxes made out of plastic that hold your plant cuttings in separate cloning sites and a pump that is used to spray the bottom of your cutting with cloning mixture.

The Types of Hydroponic Machines Available

At Indoor Gardens, we offer a plethora of cloning machines for sale from the following brands:

  • EZ-Clone
  • Hydrofarm
  • Super Sprouter
  • General Hydroponics

If you're wondering what the best cloning machines are, the answer lies in your desired needs for your plants. For example, you can order the budget-friendly EZ-Clone 9 Site hydroponic cloning machine to save some money. However, while this plant cloning machine is great in its own regard, it only takes up about 10 inches of space and features 9 cloning sites. If you're growing many plants, though, you'll most likely need something bigger like the Botanicare Power Cloner that can hold as much as 180 cloning sites in a 40 gallon reservoir.

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