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Commercial Cultivation

Commercial Pricing

  • Commercial Pricing and Volume Discounts

  • Secure delivery available of inspected products to ensure operational efficiency

  • 30,000 sqft. of available products in Ohio with next day shipping available

  • This program will give you access to the most competitive pricing in the country! Low prices are great, but don’t forget about availability! Indoor Gardens has over 30,000 square feet of retail and warehouse space across Ohio. This means not only does your company save money with Indoor Gardens, but you also are able to get the products you need, when you need them. We all know, when it comes to high value crops, time is of the essence. When issues arise, Indoor Gardens is available to provide the solution! Indoor Gardens has delivery trucks, vans, and trailers. We understand how time consuming running a garden can be. With this in mind, Indoor Gardens is able to offer a delivery program to ensure your time is spent doing what matters in your cultivation facility.

Facility Design

  • Indoor Gardens will design an efficient floor plan based on the client’s supplied blueprints of their facility.

  • Floor Plan will be based on Indoor Gardens knowledge of regulated cultivation in Ohio and other states.

  • Client will be given drawings including state-of-the-art facility utilizing commercial horticulture industry best practices.

  • The cultivation facility design will be drawn to adhere to all Ohio Commercial Cultivation regulations.

  • Floor plan will be delivered in CAD file or similar format.

  • Floor plan will include environmental controls, lighting layouts, growing system footprints and design, as well as designated plant staging areas (propagation, vegetative, and flower production spaces.

Consulting Services

  • Cultivation Facility Equipment List
  • Cultivation Operations Plan
  • Cultivation Facility Staffing Plan and Employee Policy Manual
  • Cultivation Facility Operations Technical and Grower Support
  • Custom growing system designed with Client’s growing specifications in mind while adhering to state regulations and horticulture best practices
  • Custom irrigation systems developed around Client’s specific plant nutrition regimen