Cyco Nutrients now Available


Indoor Gardens is now selling Cyco nutrients


One of Australia's top selling nutrients lines is now available at your nearest Indoor Gardens. Cyco features a wide range of products that can work in any garden. From base nutrients to specialty flowering additives cyco has it all. These nutrients are manufactured in a controlled facility using the highest quality ingredients available.


Cyco nutrients are Pharmaceutical grade and are balanced for performance and easy absorption by your plants. The Platinum Series base nutrients provide a range of primary, secondary, and micronutrients that are needed in all phases of growth. Cyco also features a range of additives that can be used to push your gardens yields and maximize yields and quality. From Potash Plus to Supa Sticky the additives can make a difference in your garden.


Cycos Ryzofuel is the top selling australian root stimulator that works well on indoor or outdoor crops. This product helps to produce strong healthy roots in all stages of growth so you can grow stronger, healthier plants.


Stop in and pick yours up today!