Is my water good enough?

Water quality can be important for the health of your plants. Depending on where your water comes from, it likely contains many natural salts that are found in regular tap water. These salts give water their taste, and can also affect how much room there is left in the water for fertilizers. There are many ways to measure these salts, and in my opinion the easiest and most universal is electroconductivity. Electroconductivity, or E.C. is the ability of water to conduct electricity.

Start Em Right

Starting seeds can be frustrating but here are some ways you can maximize your success. First, you can soak your seeds in water to help hydrate them and get them ready to sprout. Germinating seeds can be done either in a cup of water or directly in the soil media. Some people prefer using a moist paper towel to soak the seeds. Next, prepare your media for planting. If using rockwool make sure you pre soak it in pH 5.5 adjusted water to dissolve any remaining lime.

Understanding VPD

Vapour Pressure Deficit or VPD is the measure of how much remaining moisture the air can hold. This is important in an indoor garden because it lets you determine the best temperature and humidity for your grow room. VPD is different from relative humidity, which is the measure of how much water is in the air, and not just what it is capable of holding.