Grow Your Own Event

Learn about the important aspects of indoor gardening at this FREE event on June 21st! The event will be held at our Columbus North location. From nutrients and lighting to environmental control and growing supplies, the top brands in the industry will be under one roof to answer any questions, explain products and demo some of their equipment. Included in this event are:

  • Nutrients – Cyco Nutrients
    Feeding your plants is important.
    Come talk with Brandon from Cyco Nutrients about the proper nutrient solution for you plants based off of their growth stage.
  • Lighting – Hortilux
    The spectrum and intensity of your grow light will control the quality and growth rate of your plants.
    Learn about different lighting options with Rick, a lighting expert from Hortilux!
  • Water – BlueLab
    Monitoring the pH and EC level of your water is essential to understanding what’s going on with your plants.
    Let Darren from BlueLab show you the latest technology in meters and monitors.
  • Environment – Quest
    The ability to control your environment is a huge benefit of indoor gardening! Temperature, humidity and air flow play a huge role in plant health.
    Talk to Jeff from Quest about available options at this event!
  • Supplies – Hydrofarm
    It is important to have quality tools and supplies to help ensure the success of your garden.
    Andrew from Hydrofarm will show you equipment that makes your job easier and your plants happier.

This educational event will run from 12:00PM – 7:00 PM only at our Indoor Gardens North location. In addition to our industry experts, we’ll also have plenty of food, special discounts and of course, raffle prizes!

Not in the Columbus area? Check out our CYCO Nutrients vendor days at our other store locations!