CYCO Nutrients Vendor Days

Come talk to an expert from CYCO Nutrients, brought to you by Indoor Gardens!

CYCO Nutrients features a wide range of plant nutrition products that can work in any garden, inside or out. From simple-to-use grow and bloom base nutrients, to specialty flowering additives and products to make your garden flourish! These nutrients are manufactured in state-of-the-art facility using high-quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

CYCO Nutrients are balanced for performance and easy plant absorption. The CYCO Platinum Series base nutrients provide a wide range of primary, secondary, and micronutrients that are needed in all phases of growth. CYCO also features additives that can help drive up your yields and the quality of your produce! From Cyclone Rooting Gel to flower enhancers like Potash Plus and Swell, CYCO has a product for all your plant needs!

To make things easier for you, CYCO has created an easy-to-use feeding schedule to guide you through the growth stages of your plants and ensure that you are delivering the proper blend of food to push your garden to its full potential. That being said, each of the products in the CYCO nutrient line are designed to give the end user the ability to customize the feed chart based on your specific needs or budget.

Understanding plant nutrition and the ever-changing nutrient requirements as your plant grows is a science that can take years to understand.. that's where we come in! Indoor Gardens has brought in an expert from CYCO Nutrients to help give you the ins and outs of using this incredible line of plant food. Brandon (from CYCO) will be visiting each of our four Indoor Gardens locations so be sure to check the dates below and come on out for free knowledge and HUGE discounts!

Brandon from Cyco Nutrients will be on-site at each of our locations on the following days:

  • Cleveland: June 14
  • Akron: June 15
  • Columbus North: June 21 (part of the How-To Grow Your Own event)
  • Columbus East: June 22

CLICK HERE to link to the feeding schedule created by CYCO Nutrients

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