Mills Nutrients

Indoor Gardens now carries Mills Nutrients

This Holland nutrient company offers a simple two-part base nutrient along with a few easy to use additives. Mills Nutrients will give your plants what they need without wasting your money on all the extra bottles that many manufacturers want you to use. Using synthetic and organic sources, Mills bio-mineral nutrients combine the best of both worlds to optimize your growth rates, yields, flavors, and quality! After years of testing with both greenhouse and hobby gardeners, Mills has created a lineup of unprecedented nutritional quality providing your plants all the necessary elements. Mills bio-mineral plant nutrients does not create salt build-up in your growing medium like many of the competitors all-synthetic nutrients.

Why Mills is the natural choice for your garden!

  • Provides the essential trace elements which improves nutrient absorption
  • Encourages photosynthesis
  • Stimulates cell division and protein synthesis, which leads to larger and denser fruits and flowers
  • Optimizes the transport of nutrients and water within your plants
  • Improves yield, flavor, quality, and aroma
  • Creates a stronger plant immune system, reducing the need for pesticides
The Mills line-up