Ohio Hemp Cultivation

Hey Ohio! Are you interested in growing hemp? We're hosting 3 talks at the Ohio Grown Fall Expo on October 12! We’re breaking down the details, from growing and cultivation, to the legal landscape and how to combat pest and disease at this free event! This event is held at Indoor Gardens Columbus East, 5705 Chantry Drive, Columbus OH 43232.

Talks will begin at 1:00, seating is first come first served.

Speakers include:

Colin Clark - Colin has over 15 years of hydroponic/growing experience, and has designed and created one of the first hobby-scale ebb and flow hydroponic units for the retail market. Colin has owned and operated the world’s first commercial hydroponic hop business, Hydro Hop Farms LLC. Colin has provided hydroponic consultation and research for numerous companies and universities worldwide specifically related to controlled environment hops and cannabis/hemp. Most recently Colin has worked as director of greenhouse research and design for Mammoth Microbes.

Julie Doran - Julie is the founder of the Ohio Hemp Farmers' Co-Op and is an advocate for legalization and legislation. She is also the founder of Meigs Fertilizer.

Dr. Luis Canas - Dr. Canas is Associate Professor and Extension Specialist in Entomology at Ohio State University. Dr. Canas is nationally and internationally recognized as an expert in the management of insect pests that attack plants in controlled environments, with more than 22 years of experience.


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