Hydroponic Systems

Wick Systems

auto-potThe Wick growing system is the simplest form of hydroponics that allows your plants to uptake water from a reservoir. The water is fed from below and wicked up using a wick or the media. Autopot is an easy to use system that we offer that uses the media itself to wick up the nutrient solution and provide it to your plants. The system is easily expandable and can be used to grow one plant great, or a thousand. By using easily available 1/4 inch tubing, the Autopots can be arranged in many different configurations and can be spaced for any foot print.

Deep Water Culture


We offer all the supplies you need in store to build your own deep water culture system, or recirculating hydroponic system. Deep water culture has the benefit of a constant supply of water and nutrients to the roots to help grow big plants. In this growing system your plants won’t have much water or nutrient reserves so it is important to maintain a proper pH and E.C. throughout the growing cycle. Plants need to be started in a specific medium like rock wool or peat plugs so that dirt does not end up clogging the irrigation lines or pump. We offer a variety of D.I.Y. options as well as ready built. The hydrofarm root spa, which is just a standard DWC, or a Current culture system. Current culture systems offer the convenience of one central reservoir that recirculates through the other buckets. This allows the water conditions to be the same everywhere in the system.


Bato Buckets

bato-bucketsAlso sometimes referred to as a Dutch buckets, Bato buckets offer the simplicity of a drip system with a plumbed return line. They can be used in a variety of growing situations from table growing to large vine crops. Traditionally filled with perlite, these buckets provide a solid base for your plants as they grow.

Flood and Drain/Ebb and Flow


A flood and drain system, sometimes referred to as Ebb and Flow, typically consists of a flood table with a fill and drain port, and a reservoir. The water is pumped from the reservoir into the table for a few minutes at a time and pumped back. Some people prefer having the plants further spaced, so Ebb and Flow systems, like the Grow Flow, offer simplicity and expandability with the convenience of flexible tubing. A controller bucket can run many connected buckets as long as you size your reservoir correctly.


aeroponicsAeroponics involves no planting media but instead provides the water and nutrients directly to the roots. Water is pumped through misters and sprayed directly onto the roots. These systems are commonly used for plant propagation and not usually for growing large plants. Without constant water supply the roots will quickly dry out. Systems like the Ezcloner are simple to clean and work great for quickly making clones.