Photo Gallery

If you need some convincing to come into our stores please take some time and browse our photo gallery. We think we have the best looking stores in Ohio and we try to keep them well stocked, clean, with lots of plants growing. Browse the pictures to see all three locations filled with the latest and best plant nutrients, hydroponic systems, grow lights, soil, and much more. Along with a store that always has what you need, we think it is important to have employees with a wealth of knowledge about growing plants. This is evident in the pictures of the many plants growing in our stores. When you get sick of looking at the pictures come into the stores to see it for yourself.

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Video Gallery

Our video gallery is a collection of videos on hydroponic and organic growing. View the gallery to see our stores and what makes us the best hydro store in Ohio. We will try to keep this up to date with a wide variety of videos on hydroponics, organics, grow lights, indoor and outdoor growing techneques, and product reviews. To meet the stars of these videos come check out one of our three locations throughout Ohio. They will even sign an autogragh for a small fee.

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