March 2018, Sales Vendors and Raffles

March is here and spring is right around the corner. The days are getting longer and here at Indoor Gardens we have new sales and events to talk about.


Vendor Days

Our featured brands this month are Smart Pots and Mills Nutrients both of these companies are known innovators and game changers. Two Indoor Gardens locations will be having a vendor day with industry experts Ben from Mills and Jessey from Smart Pots. Check out the table below to see when they’ll be at shop near you, then mark it on your calendar and be sure to call off of work, because it's not everyday that you get the opportunity to ask questions to to veterans of the industry. Also on top of the great advice the reps will have freebies and cool swag to hand out (while supplies last). If all we were offering this month were the vendor days, March would still be awesome, but these educational opportunities are just the beginning. Keep scrolling to see what else we have in store. 

2076 Romig Road, Akron, Ohio 44320 - Wednesday March 28th

5705 Chantry Dr, Columbus, OH 43232 - Thursday March 29th



Our Brand Spotlight sales this month have a little something for everyone. Some of the sales we are offering have a limited supply so be sure to get into the shop ASAP and pick up these deals while you can. If you have any questions about the sales listed below, please call your local shop. The main sales going on zero in on the brands we are featuring this month.


Smart Pots

  1. 20% off MSRP on all Smart Pots


Mills Nutrients

  1. Base Nutrients – 10% OFF
  2. Additives – 15% OFF
  3. Mills Ultimate Coco with Cork and Mills Ultimate Soil with Cork $16.99 per bag
  4. Free Mills Nutrient Starter Kit With Purchase of 2 bags of soil. (While supplies last. Starter Kit valued at $50.00)


Tent Packages and Light Packages 

  1.  3x3 Castle 315w Tent Package
    • Royal Grow Rooms 3x3 Castle Tent
    • Hard Core 315w LEC Ballast
    • Neutron LEC Reflector
    • Ushio 315w CMH 3k Bulb
    • Royal Grow Rooms Rope Ratchet
    • 120v Analog Timer
    • Active Air 4" Fan
    • Active Air 4" x 14" Carbon Filter
    • 4" Ducting
    • 4" Duct Clamp (QTY: 2)
    • 6" Monkey Fan
      • $629.99
  2. 1000w Light Package
    • Phantom II 1000w Digital Ballast
    • Hortilux 1000w
      • $259.99
  3. Xtrasun DE 1000w 240v $299.99

We know that this seems like a lot...but that’s still not all! On top of having the vendors show up to every store and all these amazing sales we are also going to be having raffles - one company wide raffle where tickets can be bought an any location, and four location specific raffles where each store will be having its own raffle.


Raffle Info


Individual Store Raffles

  1. 1L Mills Basis A/B Set
  2. 1-50L Bag Mills Coco with Cork
  3. 4-3 Gallon Smart Pots


Company Wide Raffle

  1. 1- 5L Mills Basis A/B Set
  2. 1- Set of 1L Additives, Start-R 1L, C4 1L, Ultimate PK 1L
  3. 4- 5 Gallon Smart Pots
  4. 2- 50L Bags Of Mills Coco with Cork


We know we have the best customers in Ohio and we're trying to do everything we can to let you know that we appreciate your business. By offering the best prices around along with solid advice and unique experiences we hope to earn your loyalty. Stay tuned for a smart pots blog post and a Mills blog post. If you have any questions about the sales, vendor days, or raffles, please call your local indoor gardens. (All sales are subject to change without notice, no returns on nutrients)