Hortilux Spotlight

With Hortiliux being one of our featured brands this month we figured it would be cool to learn a little more about the company. All Eye Hortilux products are on sale for the month of February. Rick from hortilux will be spending a day at each Indoor Gardens Location giving out expert lighting advice at each Indoor Gardens location. His schedule will be posted at the bottom of the article. Read on to see what makes Eye Hortilux shine.  

EYE HORTILUX is a horticulture lighting company located in Mentor, Ohio.  Hortilux has been manufacturing grow lamps in Mentor since 1991 and has a proud history as a leader in the horticulture lighting industry.  Employing roughly 130 Ohioans, Hortilux is known for their high quality products, great customer service and of course manufacturing products right here in the USA.

 Grow lighting is not all the company focuses on.  Hortilux is a division of EYE Lighting International which services many different lighting markets such as Commercial and Industrial, Utilities, Solar Simulation, High-Speed Imaging, Weathering Test Chambers and UV Curing. 

 All of the company’s products go through rigorous testing to ensure high performance, consistency and reliable performance.  This testing protocol begins in the R&D stage which requires actual life testing of the product.  There is no way to speed up life testing for lighting so Hortilux will operate new lighting products for thousands of hours over many years before the product is approved for production.

 During the manufacturing process, there are many stages along the assembly line which test for accuracy and consistency. One of the most important tests Hortilux does that not many other lighting companies do not, is operate each and every grow light for a period of 7-10 minutes before the lamp can be packaged and sold to consumers.  This is an expensive process but it is the last step to ensure growers are receiving a product that works, right out of the box.

 EYE Lighting has had an active role in the community supporting the United Way through their Loaned Executive, Feed Lake County and Day of Caring programs.  They also participate in the American Heart Association walk-a-thon and have donated thousands of dollars to the organization.  EYE Lighting also support the Sub Zero Mission during their coat collection drive and they also active members of the Lake County Safety Council. 

-Mark Thomas 

Curious to learn some intracate details about Hortilux plant lighting products. Stop by and see Rick at your local Indoor Gardens. Make sure you pay attention to the dates and the locations listed below.

4720 Indianola Ave, Columbus, OH 43214 - Tuesday February 6th

5705 Chantry Dr, Columbus, OH 43232 - Wednesday February 7th

2076 Romig Road, Akron, Ohio 44320 - Wednesday February 21st

5304 Fleet Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 44105 - Thursday February 22nd


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