Brand Spotlight - Canna

Indoor Gardens is proud to announce our new brand spotlight!


This month we are featuring Canna brand Nutrients and Substrates. This means you can get a great deal on a high quality product that will be good for you and your garden.

    If you have been debating about whether or not to take the Canna plunge this is the month to give in to your inner desires and try it out. You and your plants will not be dissapointed.

     No matter what medium you grow in Canna has a solution specifically tailored to your needs. All grow mediums and methods are different. If you are in a situation where you recirculate your nutrient solution, then Canna Aqua is the nutrient for you with it’s nutrients designed to release more slowly over the course of nutrient dosing period. Canna Coco comes ready to go with the added calcium and magnesium coco growers know they need. Canna Substra nutrients are instantly unloaded into your grow medium and ready for the plants to use, perfect for soilless drain to waste systems. If your growing in soil Canna Terra takes into consideration the nutrients that your soil is already providing to the plants and builds upon that.

When it comes to additives Canna has all the bases covered using a minimum number of bottles.

     Rhizotonic is an alga based vegetative plant root stimulator. With over 60 microbiological substances Rhizotonic uses are vast. It stimulates new root growth on vegetative plants as well as seedlings and rooted cuttings. Using is as a foliar spray can help plants spring back from stressful situations such as transplants and transports. A plant is only as healthy as its root system and one of the best ways to assure a healthy root system is to use Rhizotonic.

     Cannazym is an enzyme product that increases the speed at which dead root material breaks down. Breaking down these dead roots into minerals and sugars supplies the plan t and the micro-life around the plant with a nutrient boost. You should use cannazym if you’d like to maximize the uptake of all other nutrients while simultaneously keeping your grow medium so clean that you’ll be able to re-use it.

     Canna Boost does exactly what the name says it does. It boosts your plant. It increases your plants metabolism which increases yields. Boost also contains flowering stimulators which increase your plants immune system and, gives you more powerful taste with more uniform finishing. Canna Boost is a true enhancer that will boost the metabolism of your plant and make it healthier. This product really is one of those things where you must see the difference for yourself. Use the sale this month to come buy a bottle and try it on just one plant and the difference you see will have you coming back for more.

     Canna PK 13/14 contains the most essential elements needed to stimulate flowering. This high-grade mixture of phosphorus and potassium is available to the plant quickly and directly. Using PK 13/14 together with Canna Boost is the ultimate combination to bring out all the beautiful characteristics of your plants fruits and flowers.

     The Canna solution works for everyone from beginners to experts. It really is as simple as following their handouts. Success is made easy when you use canna nutrients.


We are also featuring a complete 5x5 grow tent package while supplies last! For just 419.99 you can get what you need to start your garden today. Add on a Carbon filter for circulation and odor control for the perfect indoor growing setup.

This package includes

  • RGR Manor 5'x5'x6'8"

  • 1000w SG Ballast

  • Irradiator 8" AC Reflector

  • Xtrasun 1000w HPS Bulb

  • RGR Rope Ratchets

  • Analog Timer