Advanced Nutrients spotlight

Advanced Nutrients has been innovating in the hydroponic industry for nearly 2 decades and they show no sign of stopping. We asked our local Advanced representative Benjamin if he could give us a rundown on what makes advanced nutrients special.

Advanced Nutrients is a Pharmaceutically Raw Refined Horticultural Full Nutrition line.  Why is that special?  It means our products don’t allow for any dangerous heavy metals, such as Arsenic, Nickel, Lead, and Mercury.  These are things allowed in Food grade nutrition.  We are special as only two companies use pharmaceutically graded raws, Advanced Nutrients and Cyco.  We specialize even further as we are the only line that uses pharmaceutically clean organics.  Now, we also have a fully organic product line that is pharmaceutically clean and CDFA certified.  CDFA is a higher standard than OMRI, or OIM. As a result of CDFA comes with those certifications as well.  We are also a full uptake low salt designed product line.  Our 29 phd’s collectively designed our PH perfect Bases and the additives to run to perfection.  Do you need all our parts to run a great set, no, but you will benefit from eventually adding our other parts slowly.  I’m a huge proponent of slow change when possible, as I saw the real benefits to switching to Advanced that way, as will you.

 Faster uptake,

Huge reductions in left behind salts,

 Pharmaceutically clean, (no heavy metals)

Availability to a clean, proper diet while flushing, gaining weight instead of losing weight in flushing process.

Versatility to any genetic based on options and variable mixes available to perfect any genetic.


I am Benjamin, your Advanced Nutrient Representative.  I have been an indoor cultivator for 20 years, now touring, spreading horticultural knowledge, and love, with all who wish to share.  I am always learning, hoping to share what I’ve learned with you, while learning what you may have to share as well.  My best moments in life are when I see a gardener I’ve helped.  One who had a positive experience because of a past conversation we had. Under this regard I love talking to everyone, and value my time with everyone I get to speak with.  I enjoy the science in this industry, so we can talk lighting to room controls to nutrition.  I will be honest, and if I’m lucky be forced to learn something new. If I get to say, “I don’t know”.  Which always excites me personally.


As a company giving back has played a major role in our company’s agenda.  Big Mike started a charity campaign back in 2016 where 100% of the financial donations go directly to the homeless in America.  I highly recommend checking out for more information and to also be a part of an awesome charity.  Last year when Big Mike had his super bowl party shut down, he donated all the food to the homeless as an instant decision. When Big Mike gained full ownership over Advanced Nutrients his directive to give back then became our company policy as well.  It is for reasons like this I am proud to be a part of Advanced Nutrients.

- Benjamin

Stop by your local Indoor Gardens on the following dates and talke with Ben in person to learn more about what makes Advanced Nutrients stand out in the crowd.

4720 Indianola Ave, Columbus, OH 43214 - Tuesday February 6th

5705 Chantry Dr, Columbus, OH 43232 - Wednesday February 7th

2076 Romig Road, Akron, Ohio 44320 - Wednesday February 21st

5304 Fleet Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 44105 - Thursday February 22nd