Our main Distributors:

Indoor Gardens is Ohio's premier source for hydroponic and organic gardening supplies. Below you'll find some of our main suppliers. We carry much of what you will find on their websites, but if we don't have it in, we can get it within a couple days. So feel free to click on their logo and check out what they have to offer. Just keep in mind, the MSRP that they show is much higher than what you'll find in our stores!

Some of the Brands Indoor Gardens offers:

Indoor Gardens carries a huge variety of products for all your gardening needs. This includes grow lights - hydroponic systems - organic soils - grow tents - rockwool - coco coir - bat guanos - fertilizers - water testers - CO2 tanks and refills - exhaust fans - cloning supplies - water filtration - pest control - carbon filters - pots - and much more! Below you'll find many of the leading brands that Indoor Gardens offers. Please click on their link and explore the products they offer. Keep in mind that Indoor Gardens does not stock every single item that these companies make, but after 20 years in this industry, we have carefully selected products that we feel are the top performers. Again, if you love a particular product that we don't stock, we have the ability to get it for you.