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Indoor Gardens is your one-stop-shop for all you indoor gardening needs! We strive to offer our customers the absolute best when it comes to growing advice and customer service, low pricing, and a huge selection of the industry's top products. We know that the best advertising comes from happy customers! Indoor Gardens was built around you, making sure the customer always comes first!

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Whether you are a serious grower or just starting out, we have everything you need to set up your own indoor garden! We feature the best selection in Ohio of hydroponic systems, organic gardening supplies, grow lights, plant nutrients and supplements, grow room supplies, environmental controllers, ventilation supplies, pest and disease controls, portable grow tents, and much more!

EST 1992

Indoor Gardens first opened in 1992 on Indianola Avenue in Columbus, Ohio. Since then, we have opened two more stores; one in southeast Columbus and one in Akron, Ohio. With our increase in business, came a decrease in prices for our customers! Stop in any one of our three locations and let us help you start growing big gardens inside!

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The most important part of gardening indoors is giving your plants enough light to photosynthesize (of course water, nutrients, temperature, and humidity play a huge role too, but without light they don’t really
Here's a quick video of Indoor Gardens - Akron Ohio location. Indoor Gardens is Ohio's #1 Hydroponic and Organic Superstore. With three locations serving Ohio, Indoor Gardens offers a huge selection, low prices and

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