Year-End Sale

Take advantage of our year end sale and snag some great products at awesome prices! This sale is happening at all FOUR Indoor Garden's locations, including our newly opened Cleveland store. Stop in to one of our locations while supplies last!

Royal Grow Rooms 3x3 Manor Series Grow Tent - $133.59
This RGR grow tent is made of a high-quality, durable 600-D canvas with heavy duty zippers. The duct ports feature double-cinching and velcro covers to provide additional light protection while the convenient plant viewing window allows you to check on your plants without opening up the entire tent. Also included is a tool pouch and heavy duty spill tray. 

1000W Light Package - $129.99
This light package is one of the best deals you'll find!

  • SG1000W Ballast
  • XtraSun II Aluminum Wing Reflector
  • XtraSun 1000W HPS Bulb

Adder Backpack - $44.99
Adder is an Indoor Garden's exclusive brand. Featuring a carbon lining, this backpack seals in odors and keeps items secure.

LEC 315W Light Package - $229.99

  • Sun System Hard Core LEC 315W Ballast
  • XtraSun II Aluminum Wing Reflector
  • Ushio CMH 315W Bulb
  • Adapter

Hortilux 1000 HPS Bulb - $69.99
Stock up now to avoid paying full price later! Extend your growing system to 365 days a year, and raise your lighting system to a new level of performance. Promote vigorous plant growth by optimizing spectral energy levels.

Mills Coco w/Cork - $16.99
The Ultimate Coco & Cork ensures ultimate water management and is an airy substrate, allowing the crop to build an optimal root structure.